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The Tennessee Genealogical Society was founded to help preserve historical records. In genealogy, books, libraries, courthouses and cemeteries go together to help you discover your family and its history.

Many of our ancestors were restless, hardworking, and mostly poor folks, looking for a place to settle down to call their own. They were unassuming people living one day at a time, attempting to persevere. We call them pioneers, as they cleared the land, built their cabins, raised their crops and livestock, and fought wars, drought, disappointments and disease. There were no guarantees in life, no one to feed their families, put clothes on their backs, or have a warm cabin in winter. Yet they had assets on their side: God, family, friends and what must have been a very strong determination. That combination helped make the most exceptional country in the history of our world.

We invite you to relax and browse our bookstore site. You will find books primarily from the South, with emphasis on Tennessee and its people. We hope in some small way to generate the interest for you to find that winding road that leads you to your hometown of pioneers.

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