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Using Family Search

Well here we are. Standing at the beginning of using the Internet to find
out more genealogy research information. So far you have compiled your own
records, made copies, set up files, started to use the PAF computer program
and circled the areas on your forms that are missing information.

Now it is time to find out all you can about the relative you chose. Today
we begin by going to a website that contains a lot of information, is well
organized, and has searching capabilities.

FamilySearch.org organizes the searching capabilities it has into the
following sections.

1. Ancestral File: A collection of millions of names from throughout the
world that are organized into family groups and pedigrees.

2. Census: They list the 1880 United States Census, the 1881 British Census
(which covers England, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man).
They also have the 1881 Canadian census.

3. International Genealogical Index (IGI): This index lists several hundred
million names of deceased persons from throughout the world. Many names come
from the early 1500's to about 1885.

4. Pedigree Resource File: A collection of pedigrees and family groups
submitted by individuals through FamilySearch Internet.

5. Vital Records Index: This is a collection of birth, christening, and
marriage records from various countries.

6. U.S. Social Security Death Index: This index lists several million
records about people whose deaths were reported to the U.S. Social Security
Administration from about 1937 through September 30, 2000.

7. Web Sites: A collection of thousands of other web pages that are

You can discover this amazing resource for yourself by going to
http://www.familysearch.org. FamilySearch.org uses a very simple interface
to help you with your searching. You can choose to search all the indexes
listed above or each one individually.

Now it is time to go to work. Pull out your work sheets or print out a
report from your PAF and let's dig in. Circle any missing information on
your forms. Use that as a map to help you navigate through FamilySearch.org.

Take the last name of the person that is missing information and enter it
into the site. Watch how fast you can recover missing information. As you
use this website enter the missing information back onto your forms. Later
you can enter it all into your PAF program. Your on your way to great and
wonderful experiences..

The submitted articles to Familysearch do not require documentation. The information is usually
correct, but some errors have been submitted by well meaning people. ONLY

Contributed by
Tina Sansone
TN Genealogy Society Member