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Tennessee Ancestry Certificate Program

Do you have deep Tennessee Roots?

Join us in recognizing the contributions of your Tennessee settler ancestors (before 1880.) The Tennessee Genealogical Society will provide an attractive certificate, suitable for framing, with the prime ancestor's name, date and place of settlement, to each person whose application meets program qualifications.       

We invite you to place your ancestor(s) in this roll of honor.

Certificates are issued for one of five settlement periods: 

Colonial -- prior to 1 June 1796
Territorial -- prior to 15 June 1836
Antebellum -- prior to 6 May 1861
Civil War -- 1861-1865 or applied for TN Confederate War Pension
Nineteenth Century -- prior to 31 Dec 1900 

Click here --> Certificate Instructions  for the application form and instructions.

The cost of a Certificate is $30.

PRINT the Certificate Application and fill it out. Mail the completed form, along with your payment, to our office:

Tennessee Genealogical Society
PO Box 381824
Germantown, TN 38183-1824


DOWNLOAD the Certificate Application to your computer, fill it out and save it. DO NOT fill it out on the web. E-mail the completed form to certificates@tngs.org   AND Pay on-line by clicking the Certificate Program Payment button below.

Questions:  certificates@tngs.org   

HISTORY of the Certificate Program
The Tennessee Ancestry Certificate Program was initiated during the 1986 Tennessee Homecoming Celebration. Under the program developed by Amelia (Pike) Eddlemon and Lincoln Johnson, certificates of ancestry are issued to persons providing documentary proof (family charts or computer printouts are not considered sufficient proof) that their ancestors resided in the area that is now Tennessee at any time from the first settlement in 1769 through the year 1880. Applications for the certificates have come from thousands of persons across the country and overseas -- all of them proud to proclaim their Tennessee ancestry.  

Tennessee Settlers


Their Descendants 

Three books, Tennessee Settlers and Their Descendants, have been published from these certificates:

  • Volume 1 contains applications received before 31 December 1993.
  • Volume 2 is a compilation of information submitted between 1 January 1994 and 31 December 2004. This volume reports on 266 early Tennessee families with over 1,400 surnames.
  • Volume 3 is our newest book published November 2015.

All volumes are fully indexed and may be ordered from the  TNGS Bookstore.

You can honor your family by sending in information to be in Volume 4.   

  Let us include your Tennessee Ancestor 


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