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The Tennessee Genealogical Society is always eager to expand the collection at the Germantown Regional History and Genealogy Center. You can help. The librarian maintains a list of books that would complement the collection. When you adopt one of these books, it will be placed on the shelf with a bookplate showing your name as the donor.

You can also adopt a book in someone else's name. Do you have a relative or friend you would like to honor? Has someone given you exceptional help with your research? This is a great way to recognize those special people.

If someone has already adopted the book that you want, then our acquisitions committee will purchase another book of equal or greater value, and notify you of the change.

The table below shows the current list of books we would like to donate to the Germantown Regional History and Genealogy Center:

Runaways, Coffles and Girls: A History of Slavery in Tennessee Bill Carey $34.95   
Smith Wills and Deeds and Family Histories, Vol. I Linda Cheek $50.00   
Essex County, Virginia Guardianship and Orphans Records, 1707-1888, A Descriptive Index Wesley E. Pippenger $20.00   
Underaged Warriors: Over 600 Stories about the Courage and Hardship of Children Ages 7 to 14 Who Fought in the American Revolution Jack Darrell Crowder
Four Families: A Tetralogy, Synopsis of 481 Immigrants to America, With Some of Their Descendants and European Ancestors George J. Hill $26.50   
Marylanders to Tennessee Henry C. Peden, Jr $23.00  ADOPTED
Accomack County, Virginia Court Order Abstracts
Need volumes 1, 2, 4-8, 9 & 17-27 to complete series 
JoAnn Riley McKey $28.50 each  ADOPTED
African American Southerners in Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction Claude H. Nolen  $30.00  ADOPTED
Abstracts from  Early Lynchburg, Moore County, Tennessee Old Newspapers, 1873-1932      
Union County, South Carolina, Will Abstracts, 1787-1849    $25.00  ADOPTED
 Spartanburg County, SC Will Abstracts 1787-1840    $30.00  ADOPTED
 Tryon County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1769-1779    $30.00  ADOPTED
 Union County, South Carolina, Deed Abstracts Vol II Deed Books G-K    $34.00  ADOPTED
 South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1776-1783 F4     $28.50  ADOPTED
 South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1773-1778 Y-4    $29.00  ADOPTED
 South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1783-1788    $42.00  ADOPTED
 Greene County, Tennessee Compendium 1783 - 1799  James L. Doutha  $29.00  ADOPTED
 Grainger County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1838-1857    $33.00  ADOPTED
 Hawkins County, TN Marriage Records Vol. 1, 1820-1846    $10.00  ADOPTED
 Wayne County, TN 1836 Tax & Civil District    $27.00  PENDING
 Stewart County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes vol. 5 & 6 1850-1861    $20.00  ADOPTED 
 Revolutionary War Pension Applications from Roane County, TN    $12.50  ADOPTED
 Robert Armstrong: Plat Book of those Indians given Reservations after the 1817 Treaty    $10.00  ADOPTED
 American Prisoners of War Held at Plymouth during the War of 1812    $34.00  ADOPTED
 Marriages of Wilson County, Tennessee, 1802-1850    $32.00  
 Through the Tax Assessor’s Eyes: Enslaved People, Free Blacks, and Slaveholders in Early Nineteenth-Century Baltimore [Maryland]    $41.50  ADOPTED
 Charles City County, Va 1704 Quit Rent    $5.00  ADOPTED
 Randolph County, NC Will Books I, II, III    $25.00 each  ADOPTED
 Early Randolph County North Carolina Marriages (1784-1869)    $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping  ADOPTED
 Cherokee Intermarried White, 1906
 Ten volumes (I-X)
   $39.00 each  ADOPTED
 Tennessee Adoptions, 1805-1900    $45.00  ADOPTED
 Cuban Census Records of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries    $18.95  
 Cocke County, Biographies    $4.00  
 Fayette County, Biographies    $14.50  
 Tennessee Militiamen    $20.00  ADOPTED
  McKenzie’s Fighting Fifth (5 volume set)      
        Volume I, First Order Book      
        Volume 2, Reports & Rosters
        Volume 3, Questionnaires
        Volume 4, Service Records, 2 books
Volume 5, Reminiscences of W. G. Allen
 Tennessee at a Glance – Tennessee Genealogy Research (Laminated)    $9.95  
 The People of Leeward Islands, 1620-1860    $29.95  ADOPTED
 Colonial Georgia Marriage Records From 1760-1810    $25.00  ADOPTED
 North Carolina Naturalization Index, 1792-1862    $15.00  ADOPTED
 The Spanish Abandonment and Reoccupation of East Texas, 1773-1779    $15.00  
 Overton County, Tennessee: Genealogical Records    $20.00  ADOPTED
 Clay County, Tennessee History & Families    $27.18  ADOPTED
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 1: 1635-1685    $23.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2: 1685-1702    $26.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 3: 1703-1713    $25.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 4: 1713-1720    $26.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 5: 1720-1726    $26.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 6: 1726-1732    $26.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 8: 1738-1743    $29.50  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 9: 1744-1749    $21.50  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 10: 1748-1753    $28.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 11: 1753-1760    $32.50  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 12: 1759-1764    $28.50  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 13: 1764-1767    $26.50  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 14: 1767-1772    $28.00  
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 15: 1772-1774    $19.00  ADOPTED
 Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 16: 1774-1777    $24.00  
 Montgomery County Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (County Court), 9 volumes    $25.00 each  
 Obituaries compiles from Clarksville Newspapers, Montgomery County, 10 volumes    $25.00 each  
 L & N's Memphis Line: Bowling Green, Kentucky to Memphis, Tennessee    $32.00  
 First Dorchester Families  Calvin Mowbray  $21.00  
 Revolutionary Patriots of Dorchester County, Maryland, 1778-1783    $26.00  
 Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Vol 1-2, 4-13,15-22
(Prices vary per volume)

$24.00 - $37.00 ea

 The Adoptees Guide to DNA Testing  Tamar   Weinberg  $29.99  
 Manorial Records for Family Historians  Geoffrey   Barber  $15.95  
 Alaska Name Lists, 1732-1999    $12.50  
 Arizona Name Lists, 1684 - 2008    $18.95  
 Unionists in the Heart of Dixie: 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV, Volume II    $45.00  
 Unionists in the Heart of Dixie: 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV, Volume III    $45.00  
 Unionists in the Heart of Dixie: 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV, Volume IV    $40.00  
 Unionists in the Heart of Dixie: 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV, Volume V, Supplement A     $27.50  
 Unionists in the Heart of Dixie: 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV, Index to Volumes I-IV     $30.00  
 Shtetl Finder Gazetteer: Jewish Communities in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries in the Pale of Settlement of Russia and Poland, and in Lithuania, Latvia, Galicia, and Bukovina, with Names of Residents     $25.00  
 Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950, Volume 1    $31.50  
 Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950, Volume 2     $32.00  
 Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950, Volume 3     $31.00  
 Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950, Volume 4    $31.00  
 Biographies of Alaska-Yukon Pioneers 1850-1950, Volume 5     $29.00  
 Marriages & Deaths from The Caucasian, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1903-1913    $21.50  
 Some Slaveholders and Their Slaves, Union Parish, Louisiana, 1839-1865    $20.50  
 The Register of New Netherland, 1626-1674    $22.99  
 History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Containing a History From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time ... Biographical Sketches; Portraits of Some of the Early Settlers, Prominent Men, Etc    $31.95  

TNGS is a federally-recognized, nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational organization, and as such, contributions are tax deductible within IRS guidelines.

Your gift will be acknowledged by email and will include the TNGS tax number.


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